Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Adrenaline rush; dopamine rush

Spring season of indoor soccer started tonight. Last semester we made a pretty good showing of it, this random group of SHDH and GHP students all latched together through friendships and classes who somehow found each other on the very last day of team signups and created a rag tag team. This semester we've been through the trenches once already. There's some chemistry. It's fun.

Of course, the team we played to open the season was intense. I-n-t-e-n-s-e. Let me put it this way: Mariana still has a bruise from the last we played them. In November. That's right. This was the team that gave me a bruise with welts in the exact pattern of hexagons on the soccer ball.

Still, I love this opportunity to run around a basketball court for 40 minutes, sweating and wheezing from not being in sufficient shape, getting at this little ball that we dribble, steal from one another, bang against the wall [the presence of walls creates whole new levels of strategy, if only I was good enough to create strategy]. Rachael thinks we need to imbibe some alcohol together. I'm thinking ... natural dyes, and customized gifts for all.

Of course, I think lots of things. Let's see if this actually happens. Rachael, pragmatic thinker that she is, pointed out that bandit masks [ala Zorro] would probably get really sweaty and uncomfortable. And apparently mini-bandit masks for the arm, complete with googling eyes, is not a good modification, either. Will keep thinking.

Also in the spirit of making for those that I love, I whipped up a little journal notebook for Jamie, one of my fellow September babies. We both love journals, and sometimes when you're trying to figure things out in life [ah yes, quarter life crises, where would we be without you?], it's good to have a place to keep all your thoughts.

That's right, I did go and buy more, as threatened. And I'm still crushing on this fabric so much. The top is some vintage fabric I picked up with Lisa while still in CA. It's hard to see in this picture, but it's boxes of blue strawberries. How great is that? And I'm noticing a new obsession with ricrac. You've been warned.

Tutorial found here. Really clear instructions - I can't believe I've put this project off for so long now! I also want to make her a scarf, but I'm not quite sure when I'm going to be able to track down any suitable fabric. Maybe I should just send this off now ...

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Fern said...

Glad you enjoyed the tut, your notebook looks fab!