Sunday, February 01, 2009

One ... and Two ...

When the Park Slope fabric line first came out ... I dunno, last spring? Before that? How long have I been coveting this fabric? ... I fell madly in love with the prints. They are just the right touch of whimsy for me, and I love the different colorways. Must. Have. Fabric.

Anyways. I finally ordered some of the blue colorway, and then it sat in my stash for awhile, begging for the perfect project. Then my good friend Neha emailed me with a bag request. I've made her a bag before ... at this rate we're working out to about a bag per year, since I always seem to be running late on them. And aha! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my precious Park Slope.

And then I met Hana in school this year, the girl who loves pink almost as much as my little sister, and I thought aha! I have some bright pink fabric that coordinates just so with Park Slope. And another project was dreamt up.

One ... and two ...

Bag the first. I stared at this bag for a long time to get a feel for the overall shape, and then magicked up some dimensions on my own, made some sacrifices at the alter of the crafting gods, then cut into the fabric. This one is obviously smaller than Alicia's and not nearly the same at all but I think it shows off the print really nicely. And I just got a 'Bag-squeal!!!' text, so I think it went over OK. I'm always worried about that - is it good enough? Is it even what the person wanted? Do they like it? Would they actually use it?

I liked it with a thick duck cloth that I interfaced for sturdiness. I forget where I read that tip - to interface the lining, not the fabric itself - but brilliant! That way you get all the benefits of interfacing - a bag that holds it's shape, crispness - without the downsides - that strange wear/wrinkling effect that happens after awhile. I am forever indebted to the idea.

Hana's bag is a simple artsy clutch from BTRS, but I lined it with Park Slope because Hana likes bright pink so much I knew she'd want that on the outside. And then covered a fabric button to match.

I am still seriously in love with this fabric. I might just have to buy more.


Kerri said...

jessica, i love the bags!! i think the fabric is great!! i might have to get some for my stash.

i'll get your doll in the mail this week, i really hope the little girl likes it. and thanks for your kind comment on my blog! :)

Rita said...

beautiful bag!! I do love the fabrics you choose! good hint too on interfacing the lining!