Saturday, January 31, 2009


Was is das?


A camera!?!?!?!

And was is das camera taking photos of???

Bread!!! Kristy and I made bread together last night! It was the first time I've ever made bread but let me just say - WOW. Why am I so late to this? GOODNESS man. Let me tell you, that stuff is GONE. I sent her home with some [and she admitted she ate half of it on the way home ... she, um, lives in the same apartment complex I do. We both love our bread. We both love our cheese too. I'm sensing a really dangerous combination there.]

OK. Some stuff to show, some stuff's been sent off to various recipients cuz you know, the holidays are long past and 'I haven't gotten my camera yet to take a picture of your REALLY LATE gift' is NOT, I repeat NOT, a good reason to delay sending off handmades. Maybe we'll find a way to rectify the non-photo status of those items, but more importantly, I seriously hope the recipients like them!

And ... one of those annoying teaser shots for the swap!

After trudging through ice and slush, I finally have the materials on hand to start!

Oh happy day. And game night/Office marathon, coming up in, oh, 4.5 hours or so. Oh happy weekend until school starts. Enjoy!


Kerri said...

i am so excited you used the mushroom fabric!!! i think you read my mind since this is my all time favorite fabric. :)

jessica said...

i love this fabric too!!! i glimpsed it in your project improv photos and thought it would be good to include a bit in :-) [actually this is all the mushroom fabric i have with me. the rest is at home with my parents]. i only bought 1/3 yard of it from my LQS about a year ago ... and when i went back it was gone! so i think it will show up in lots of small projects around here to make it last as long as possible :-).