Thursday, February 24, 2011

Refashion Co-Op - Come join us!

So ... you may have heard but there's a new collaborative refashion blog in town ... the Refashion Co-Op! Ever since Wardrobe Refashion shut down there's been a huge void in the eco crafting community, so seven of us got together to try to fill that hole a bit. We've got a great crew of contributors so far and welcome you pop by for some inspiration or to find like-minded crafters. And of course, if you refashion then consider contributing to the blog!

This here is a skirt that I refashioned from a larger pencil skirt (a favored trick of mine). I put up greater details in my post over on ReCo (hehe, as we nicknamed it during the planning stages), so pop on over there to take a gander!

I hope you'll join us! (And yes, this skirt will definitely be making appearances in MMM. It's a perfect work piece - formal and conservative enough so that the wearer can be taken seriously, but with its own unique flair and detailing, and neutral so that it can both go with just about anything and be worn quite frequently in an inconspicuous manner. I have taken to calling this combination S.E.W. - Simple yet Eminently Wearable, which is the name of this 26th skirt, 24th refashion of mine. One of these days, my refashions will outnumber my skirts. Re-Co will help me towards that goal :-)!)


Violet said...

fantastic! Usually when someone adds extra length to a too-short skirt, that's exactly what the end result looks like. But your's looks like it was designed to have that bound bit there.

Ali said...

Lovely Refashion!

Lori Kay said...

I'm so excited about the new web site. I'll head on over shortly. Your skirt is tres chic.

Zonnah said...

How exciting!