Friday, February 18, 2011

Fiber #32 // Green-Eyed Monster

I seem to keep misnumbering my handknit projects. Ah well. Here's my latest for your viewing pleasure. Fiber #32 // Green-Eyed Monster.

Remember how I threatened to make myself one? Well ... I did!

Yowza. How's that for an awkward modeled shot? Is it just me, or am I looking older than I did a couple months ago? I think work has been stressful! Or matured me.

Anyways, I basically followed the Selfish Seamstress' instructions except I made mine narrower and shorter. In retrospect I can see why she advocated for a wider and longer scarf, but I hate feeling like I'm choking on my scarves, so I tend towards the long and narrow ones. I have to say, this is one sweet scarf. Definitely looking forward to working it in MMM'11!

Speaking of MMM, I have decided to not go crazy over making myself new stuff for the month. In fact, I have resolved that between now and then, I will be more than happy if I make/finish:

1 cardigan (already 85% done)
1 dress (erg ... I am going to attempt a swayback alteration and to fiddle with the bust size, so I have been procrastinating this one)
1 cowl
1 skirt (already 60% done)


Ali said...

Ha ha! It's all that work. :) (But no, you don't look older). Gorgeous scarf, gorgeous color. This year I'm learning to love green, what a vibrant and versatile color it can be.

willywagtail said...

Really, really beautiful. It looks so soft too. Cherrie

Zonnah said...

Wow! I love the colors :)
No you don't look older, I just think it is the lighting making you look different not older.

Alessa said...

Ah, I love the scarf. And may I mention, the black flowery fabric looks really beautiful?

Kathleen said...

you know I don't like green... but I have to say, that's a pretty scarf!!!

Minnado said...

It is a lovely scarf, gorgeous wool and colours. I look forward to seeing it in March