Monday, November 22, 2010

Selfish & Envy

Oh, that Selfish*. She really knows how to get under your skin, doesn't she? Moments after she posted about her Envy Scarf, I knew that Me. Want. Me Want BADLY!!!

Haha. Me also want to imitate her entirely by also using Lang Jawoll Magic sock yarn ... and the LYS didn't have a good color in stock. So instead, I did the most Unselfish thing possible and made one for my mom instead. I probably violated every Selfish Crafter dictum that exists by doing so ... but in my defense, my mom bought the Noro sock yarn that I used to make this scarf, and besides, doesn't she look cute?

She loved the combination of grays and browns, set off in stripes by the cream sock yarn. It's a very "soft" look, to quote her, and to be honest it reminds me a bit of my former roommate. She was really good at working those neutrals, and combining the "softer" neutrals seems very Japanese chic, somehow (or maybe I'm just saying that because Hana is Japanese? Making this Hana chic?)

Ah, but here comes the selfish part. Admittedly, about 1/8 of my way into Envy, I started daydreaming about the scarf that I would make myself (because ... we'd each picked up a ball of this Noro sock yarn). Okay, let's be honest. As I was casting on, I was already thinking about myself!

I snipped out the gray portions of the yarn, which left an unheavenly number of ends to weave in. I have this tendency to mash too many colors and neutrals together anyways, and it seemed like I would just be OD'ing it if I made a scarf with 3 different neutrals in it. This is the free Baktus pattern, done in a 2:1 stripe ratio.

*I like this. It makes me feel like I'm on a first name basis with the Selfish Seamstress herself. I can just see her introducing herself: "The name's Seamstress. Selfish Seamstress."

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Zonnah said...

Wow, I don't think I could cut chunks out of my yarn like that, lol. That would be a lot of ends. You are your mom look tooo cute together.