Monday, March 30, 2009

The good stuff

The farm was the first time I ever tried molasses straight from the bottle. Yuck, was my first reaction. Molasses is what's left over after sugar cane is processed, Lorna told me.

In other words, it's all the good stuff that's left over.

But molasses still got under my skin. I love ginger snaps, and every once in awhile the urge becomes absolutely, totally and fastidiously overwhelming.

Must. Make. Ginger. Snaps. NOW.

And so, double batch of Farmgirl Susan's molasses ginger spice snaps:

See that? That's before I added all of the flour. By the end of mixing, it was nearly teeming over the top of the bowl. Careful mixing, I tell you.

And after baking sheet after baking sheet of cookies, I still had a ton of batter left. So I made a brownie sheet of cookies as well. And then showered friends and neighbors with cookies. And still had cookies left.

My freezer, it's belly is happy. So is mine.

The recipe? Delicious. And molasses? It's growing on me.

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Kerri said...

the cookies sound so yummy! :)