Saturday, January 03, 2009

The rest of the vacation

Just jotting down the happenings of the rest of my time at home

Monday :: Lisa and Jordan dropped by for a bit. I miss my evil twin already! But am super happy to have met her boyfriend ... they are CUTE together, if I may offer up my opinion
Tuesday :: dessert with Amy Jeff Derek Kat Franklin Nancy Dan
Wednesday :: new year's! Kat Jeanna Nancy Franklin Dan came over to play board games [damn, Kat and Dan are good at Scrabble. Or rather, I really suck. Dan: I think I may have missed one of your scores. Me: No, I'm pretty sure you didn't. Oh well! It was fun. And then later, goofing around with the tiles ... Jadeaux-Heman Quibglee sounds like a good name for a villain, doesn't it?] and to take lots of goofy pictures
Thursday :: veg at home
Friday :: le sigh, dropped off at le airport by le parents

And tomorrow? Tomorrow I'm off to Atlanta for the week ...

Stomping into the new year with Nancy. Dan's shoes are huge! And gleaming.

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