Tuesday, January 06, 2009

In Atlanta

No photos, unfortunately, not that there would really be photos to show. We are not staying near much of anything but the CDC, and that, I don't think, would make for great photography anyways. Or maybe I'll leave and regret that I never took shots of this federal building while I still had access to the interiors.

Hm. This reminds me of Chapel Hill when I visited. Is it a Southern thing? Not too sure. Times like these I realize that all my dreams of living far away from it all and that I would be able to slip into life anywhere in the nation are delusions really. I love public transportation. I do love the trees and the quietness here, but I think I would miss the big city feel more than I want to admit. The longer I live in them the less I think I could permanently leave them. And frankly, there is so much of me that would be incomprehensible for so many people, that I do not know if I could stand to have so many parts of my personality remain unacknowledged and not understood.

Then again, that's already true in this program right now, so maybe you can tolerate much more than you think you can.

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