Saturday, January 10, 2009

Briefly back in Boston

And yet, still no photos. That's because I lost my camera and eventually I will have a new one but in the meantime I am going stir crazy looking at all these great potential shots with nothing to capture them with. Bonkers, I tell you. This must be some rule of the universe - for months I was completely uninspired by photography and trying to capture photos, and the minute the inspiration returns I am without.

Then again, that period when I had just moved in to my SF apartment and lacked the furniture, really, to set up any sort of crafting space - that period drove me absolutely stir crazy as well, wanting to craft but lacking the capacity. So that when I was finally able to sit down with my sewing machine I went nuts, and actually I think my crafting progressed to a new level. Perhaps that is what will happen here, a sort of creative deprivation that foments all sorts of inspiration turbulence and the resulting churning pushes you to new heights at later points.

It's some sort of silver lining, no?

So in lieu of any photos [because we know the crafting blogs are all about the photos], I point you to this photo pairing:

Can be found over at my other [what, like fifth?] blog, beyond :: boston. I love paired photographs so much I keep wanting to do stuff like this, and this is the iteration I'm currently at [previous iterations found here and here, though I may try to keep the second one up cuz I liked the collaborative effect]. And I love little glimpses into my friend's lives [if they'll give them to me], so if you're interested just let me know ;-). Generally there's some theme to the photo but the theme can be flexible, like "take a picture that captures a moment of your day on 1.20.09" or something.

All right, my to do list is scary long today because I am flying out to Columbus, OH tomorrow. Wishing you the greatest of weekends :-)!

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