Sunday, January 14, 2007

13, 14

Day 13: Unexpected Dejavue. No, I am not reneging, but rather fishing up something that has laid in the Unfinished Pile since pre-China. All this needed was a fringe and it would be good to go. Probably originally I made it for Kathleen and then wasn't sure if she would like it or not, dumped it in the Donation Pile, where it was gratefully saved by Le Mama with a little scolding, whereupon I looked upon it with new eyes and then, unsurprisingly, I coveted it for myself. Still it languished until training home with mom Friday evening and eyeing the scarf I made her while pretending to nap. And it would be sad but typical to say that still it languishes, half fringed, waiting for me to sit my butt down for the very last 5 minutes to complete this little number.

15: A Room With A View. View from the apartment balcony at sunset. Just one month ago this was alive with leaves, glistening golden in the sunlight. Then there was a great gust of wind and they all came floating down.

The PJ pants are done! My 3rd pair this year. How fun, and look at all the little snowmen! Yes, let us ignore the fact that they're upside down, for the most part. At least now I can tell front from back with no problem. You'd think that I'd get better at this with each pair that I make, but ... well ... hm. Oh well. They're done and hopefully I won't have to make any more for at least a couple years.

Yeay for making clothes. My goal this year is to progress to skirts. I am a big fan of skirts, because sometimes you just get tired of pants, don't you know?


Kathleen said...

whahah... i was gonna comment that i liked the scarf and then saw that it was a maybe mine. reminds me of the blue/red one u did... is it the same pattern?

jessica said...

same pattern as the one i made mel. i was like, 'she'd either really like this or really hate it.' i have the pattern somewhere, though unfortunately i think i've reclaimed this one for me ...