Friday, January 12, 2007


Day 10: The Long, Winding Road to Work. Long story, but essentially Michael [sporting spiffy new glasses] wound up driving me to work on Wednesday. What a sport, considering its an hour drive each way and I had just woken him up 20 minutes earlier to drive me to the train station. Seriously my favorite brother in the whole wide world. Its been tons of fun having him home for his winter break. Gonna mis the bro when he goes back to the Berk.

Day 11: Mom in Bed. This evening involved lots of "self-centered daughter" jokes. Doesn't she just look all peachy and content? What a beautiful mother. I want those youthful genes. Would you believe she thinks she might be coming down with something? Sure doesn't look like it, does it? Now I, on the other hand, have a bit of an itch in the back of my throat. Argh. The last time that happened [like 3 weeks ago], I wound up napping in M's space at work and getting sent home early from a meeting. *shakes fist at germies.*

Day 12: The Things I Make. Man, I promised myself I was going to retire this scarf from my repertoire, but I love the colors and look of this one so much that i might have to eat my words and try to dig up a copy of the pattern I modified to make this.

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