Wednesday, January 10, 2007

9: Fun with Picasa

Let me just preface this by saying that I realize these photos are kindof craptastic. My apologies. I was trying to go for the theme ORANGE.

Day 9: Fun with Picasa. Ride to Embarcadero, saturated then BW/focal tinted [or something]. Kinda fun with the abstract aspect to it. The saturated [non-BW/focal tinted] version is even more abstract. ORANGE: lights.

ORANGE: foods for lunch. Little meals, planned meals. Still fighting the sweet tooth.

ORANGE: a little WIP, trainable, first of a series.
ORANGE: Orange I glad today is over. Because the only thing that's worse than feeling your workshop presentation fall flat on its face is watching it fall flat on its face as you think, 'Gee, and I have to do this two more times today before I go home???'
I think the way these photos turned out is a reminder of why it is good to challenge yourself, but also why it is bad to get an idea stuck on your head and go hell-bent on making it happen. Not every square peg can be forced through a round hole, dearie. Sometimes you try too hard to force things to happen.
Reflecting back on my photos thusfar for the challenge, I realize that I am not much of one for creating pretty still lifes and corners of beauty, I am more drawn to capturing images that draw my eye on the street - an angle, a juxtaposition, the way colors and lines and texture come together. I think that's reflective of my crafting abilities as well. I'll be the first to say that I am not a very talented crafter, and not in a bad way, I enjoy it so I won't stop doing it. But i'm not good at designing things, I don't have a great eye for pattern and scale and colors matching and whatnot. I can follow a pattern and I can sew in a straight line, but what really captures my imagination is all the little moments of humanity in life, more of a documentarian than anything.


Lindsay said...

But darling! I think you're a wonderful crafter! Just look at my baguette bag! (Wow, thats kind hard to say fast).

alex said...

say what you will, but i hafta disagree and say that you're a kickass crafter. it'd be hackneyed to say that you've inspired me.

so i won't say it.

i'll just make this:

(it's all your fault.) :0D