Saturday, January 06, 2007

PAD 6: Crafting with girlfriends

Today's Photo-A-Day features the Letter S.

This monster of a quilt has been in Sarah's pile since high school, a gift for her parents. My friends, those are SMALL squares she's got going there.

Our living room floor couldn't even house the entire thing. She had to pin it in segments. And she doesn't even have a quilting foot with which to aid in the maneuvering of machine quilting. The design is modified from a circuit drawing her dad brought home. I really admire Sarah for 1) making her own beautiful, incredibly complex and ambitious, quilt designs, 2) following through on each ambitious quilt she creates, and 3) actually continuing to be willing to tackle such small squares and strips. Amy and I have decided: BIG squares, we want BIG squares from now on, and I'm sorry, but there will be no triangles.

Rachel's busy hands once she put down her classroom curriculum planning. The 3-strands look she's got going is quite beautiful. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the result looks like. Man, this makes me feel like I need to get back into the chunky funky scarf look. Hm. Maybe I could do a chunky funky hat look.

Awhile ago I convinced Amy that she really did want to sew a pair of PJ pants, really and truly, because we found the most adorable flannel ever that is totally Amy. So there she is, pinning and cutting away at her very first set of homemade clothing items [I think]. I'm making a pair of [you guessed it] snowmen PJ pants, so we're going through the steps together. Now that I've left a pair of PJs at Alice's, one set of PJ pants really won't cut it, so off I am to make another.

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