Saturday, January 06, 2007

PAD 3-5; a little WIP; around SF

Day 3: On The Bus. I've seen the guy on the left many mornings on the 47 Van Ness, and recently I realized he also takes the train up. I'm not quite sure why, but I really like this guy. Maybe it's his jaunty little hat, the way his nose sticks out as he stares straight ahead. Maybe its that I always see him in the same black coat. Whenever I see him, I get this fantastic urge to pull out a sketchbook and start doing lots of gesture drawings. There's so much movement, character and uniqueness that is implied there, I don't know.

Day 4. On one of my daily walks around SF. I love walking, absolutely absorbed in your own thoughts, and looking up for a moment and seeing the most delightful building. The best thing is that SF is filled with such an eclectic mix of architecture. I'm starting a photo collection of it all.
Day 5: At Alice's. Hers is the purple plant; the green one is her roommate's. Alice very kindly let me crash at her place last night, which was nice. Cut my commute in half. I'll be there a couple nights a week this month. Thanks Alice!

Hm. I notice a little trend in color schemes between this photo and the one above. A little WIP for a dear friend and a favorite scarf of mine.

I love the little reminders of the holidays that I found around the city during my Thursday noontime walk. I'm at 8 miles so far ... perhaps just slightly behind where I wanted to be, but the coworkers kept going out to lunch this week. What a great group.

The 31 Day Fast is going really well, surprisingly and thankfully. I've found I really don't miss all those little bits and blobs I consume during the day; it appears I have very little willpower, because it isn't taking much determination to lay off of the sweets and unanticipated treats that pop up. Of course, today when they pulled the piping hot box of danta out a string of 4Lettered's did run through my brain for a pretty little second, but its not like I'm never gonna have another one again in my life. And I kinda actually do feel better about my health and everything. It's like you know you have it in you to do something, but sometimes you need a little bit of an outside motivation to get yourself there.

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