Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shut up and write!

Recently I joined a group called "Shut up and write!"  The group functions exactly as it sounds, namely, that a group of writers meets up at a cafe to sit down and write together for an hour or so.  Since, for many of us, the hardest part of writing is, well, actually getting down to writing, it's a combination of peer pressure and peer support through the actual writing business.  We've an eclectic mix of writers - science fiction, playwrights, fiction, nonfiction, humor, comics - from all sorts of backgrounds and ages. 

I might go once or twice in a week, and I might skip it entirely some weeks, depending what else is up in my life.  As part of my latest goal to go easy on myself, I figure, at least I'm writing more regularly than I was before (which was regularly NOT writing).  I figure that crafting is good and all, and goodness knows I'm getting better at it, but really what I want to be doing is writing, and since I don't seem to be doing a smashing job of getting my arse into gear, well, let me just go do it in a group then!  The cameraderie is nice (we often wind up talking shop, because what writer doesn't like to talk about writing with others who struggle through the same issues?)  So far, I haven't done much writing without the group, but I figure that may eventually come.


Minnado said...

What a greast idea. It made me think of lots of amateur psychological reasons about being in a group and the whole dynamic of that. I think I would end up doing too much chatting in a group! x

Roobeedoo said...

Such a good idea! Although I suspect I would be the one being told to shoosh all the time!