Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Outfit photo: Fall colors

There's that mustard skirt again!  I confess, I found it on megasale at Nordstrom's, and as I am generally not a fan of sewing with corduroy, decided I'd go easy on myself and snatch it up.  Roo - yours is way cooler!  But sometimes a girl just hankers for some easy 'neutral' layering pieces ...

Handmade blouse, rescued from the 'mending' pile by 2 darts in the back to reduce some of the poofiness.  I'm not sure why I've glommed onto the navy-brown-mustard combination of late, but I have, and this latest iteration had me mixing in various shades of blue and brown, just for the fun of it.


Minnado said...

Lovely happy photo and great colour combination. xx

Roobeedoo said...

You bought a skirt? Tsk! ;)
Love those colours together!