Sunday, November 04, 2012

Blouse #11 :: Danburry (Continued variations on a theme)

I haven't seemed to tire yet of making up new variations of the Sorbetto.  I've been on a stashbusting kick of late, though seeing as I keep pulling 1 yard lengths from my stash, the stacks of fabric tottering around my room don't appear to have diminished at all. It's also been distracting me from my plans for Fall. Whoops. 

Name: Danburry
Pattern: Sorbetto
Fabric: Quilting cotton, probably gifted from my aunt years ago
Notions: Self-made bias tape from quilting cotton, toggle button
Mods: Raised neckline 1.5", added 2" keyhole, lowered armholes by 1.5" and made micro kimono sleeves.  Added narrow front and back darts.

This design blatantly lifted from Lady Danburry's springtime keyhole blouse, which has been stewing on my brain for awhile now.

I believe the fit is getting better, though I am getting to the point where I really should insert a zipper into the side seam and stop yanking it on and off.  To match the contours of my body, designed the bust darts to hit their widest 3" down from the top of the dart, tapering away to nothing; and the back darts to hit their widest 3" from the bottom of the dart, tapering up towards nothing.  I think I should try making the back darts symmetrical, top to bottom.

How's that for a bit of uninentional matchingness?  Hehehe.

Was testing out kimono sleeves on the Sorbetto.  As I am generally not a fan of cap sleeves because they make  me self-conscious of my upper arms and their lack of muscle scultping, it should no surprise that this is not my favorite look for me.  But I do love the little flower print, the narrow solid bias binding, and the keyhole neckline.

Another blouse!  Another print!  Will the march of the Sorbettos never end?  Seeing as I love crafting of multiple looks from one pattern, I'd say you can probably expect more to come ...


Sigrid said...

This is one of the best sorbetti ever. I love the cap sleeves.

Minnado said...

So lovely and it goes so well with the mustard skirt. I am enjoying your variations on the sorbetto. Lots of versions of one pattern is how I like to sew :) I think you should do a round up post with them all pictured together. xx