Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Red and green, year round

Continuing my UFO banishment/destash theme.  When I was cleaning up my room, I kept coming across stacks of quilting cottons I'd pulled aside with the thought of making something patchworky, someday, with them.  In the name of wrestling some order into my room, I realized I'd better decide to either divert those stacks into a giant stack, or stick them back in the fabric bins.  The red and green stack, I put into the "get to within 3 months" giant stack.

And now, 2 pillows to go with my watermelon quilt!  I love how bright and cheerful they are, and how pillows can really change up the mood of a room.  I've been hit by the nesting impulse of late, which I guess makes sense seeing as I'm a terrible homebody, and for me there's nothing like a bit of patchwork to make the home feel warm and cozy.  Makes for a nice break from garment sewing, those little straight lines and the joy of combining colors and prints.

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Roobeedoo said...

You're right - cushions make such a difference. I am tempted to make some embroidered covers... if I wasn't trying to knit every new pattern that catches my eye before Christmas!