Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clapotis #4 (in progress)

Think my knitting productivity will be going down, once I switch to a job that requires I drive to work (instead of public transport-ing it.  This will be the first time in my life that I have a car.  Until now, I've managed to get by without one, by picking jobs/locations where I didn't need one.  It's cool.  One of these years, I might even get a TV.  Or a smart phone.  I've already had my arm twisted into climbing back onto Facebook --- but I am not Liking anything or anything like that, Mark Zuckerberg, you find a different way to make money off me and my friendships.)

Couldn't help but snap this photo.  Bright + bright + bright, anyone?

I told a coworker that I'd teach her to knit.  But then I handed in my notice!  So I am knitting the scarf for her instead.  This is another Clapotis in Tosh Sock in the Terra colorway.  I adore this yarn in this colorway (clearly, if I am not only going Unselfish Crafter, but doing an exact duplicate)

My coworker (a MD, naturally) told me my legs look jaundiced when I wear these tights.  I have to agree.  I sometimes trick myself into thinking that if i wear them with boots, that makes it better, but maybe it just makes it worse.  That's OK though.  They're still one of my wardrobe essentials.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!


Sigrid said...

Love those brights and tights. I can't wait until it's cool enough to wear them here. I bought some mustardy tights last fall and all I can think of is calf scours when I wear them. Good job holding out on a car, don't give in on the TV !

Alessa said...

Bright & bright & bright = fun! :)
I rather like my bus commute, too. Early morning reading or knitting while slowly waking up...