Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Small things, gifted things

FINALS!!! Holy crap. As I was explaining to somebody yesterday, this is one of those 'dash pell mell through your assignments, and just pray you have enough hours in the day to finish everything you need to' kinds of weeks. Like, close your eyes and dive in and just hope that some larger power out there has helped you calculate the amount of time and energy you need for stuff, and that you won't run out of time before you run out of assignments.

So, because I like eye candy and need to feel like this is not an all bad time of life, some random projects I've completed in the recent past:

Handwarmers from the roommate. Leftovers from the 2009 hat mania, actually. I improvised this pattern: cast on 30 stitches, in a 3 knit-2 purl repeat in the round. When I got to the thumbs I cast off 5 stitches and then on the next row cast back on the same number, and then knit until there was no yarn left. Roommate stays up later than I do, so I'm hoping these will help keep her warm as she's typing away.

Believe it or not, I bought these in high school. I was 17. That was almost a decade ago. We are not going to talk about unimportant numbers like age right now. Anyways, I have always looooooved them and probably dragged them to every darn place I've lived [minus China], but didn't wear them terribly often because they were still gloves at that point and didn't fit well into my life. So! I bought myself size 0 double-pointed needles, chopped off each glove tip, unraveled the yarn, cursed like crazy as I tried to work the yarn back on to the needles and then bound off to create the fingerless gloves that you see. A simple refashion, but oh how I wear them more! It's great.

Finally, my DQS8 mini quilt arrived! My swap partner also sent some great fabric and really cute goodies as well. She did such a great job balancing the colors and patterns and using whimsical fabrics and bright and cheery colors, and goodness knows I will probably never get around to making myself a strip-quilt type of decoration so its a darn good thing that somebody else did! And hey look, it fits in perfectly with what I've already got going on my bedroom wall! Best of all, when I wear my DS-shirtdress refashion I can match my wall. Maybe I should just stand there all day. Although given the paragraph at the top of this post, mabye that will have to wait until next week.


Sigrid said...

Good luck with finals!

Zonnah said...

Just think it will all be over soon!

Adrienne said...

Hi! I am really pleased that you like the quilt, I sent it off a while ago and have been checking to see if you had received it yet. After seeing the skirt that you made, it seemed fitting that I use the same fabric :) Enjoy!