Sunday, November 15, 2009

It was the weekend and I had nothing to show for it

A couple things on this overcast Sunday morning.

One, this is the current state of my study:

Clearly I need to get a better handle on my WIP pile. As in, stack 'em up neatly, girl, and stick 'em someplace where you can give yourself a little creative mental space. Mental creative space? You know what I mean. ALSO, just finish something already, will you!?!?

The other day I was walking to school and had a few minutes to spare, so I thought I'd deviate from my usual route and go the other way around to class. A cemetery! For some reason, walking past the cemetery the other way (i.e. coming out of class) has never caused me to pause and consider what it means to be living in a city strewn with cemeteries. I'm used to thinking of them as outside the city limits and not integrated into daily life.

This sudden feeling of strangeness also gave me pause over the things that give me pause. Why is it that, all of a sudden, we'll view something in life from a completely different perspective -- and why is it that we can't see it as such until that very moment? And taking it one step further, how can we then increase our own flexibility in thinking, so that we do not 'box' ourselves in to rigid mindsets and mentalities?

I think the very fact that I just framed my question as such [flexible thinking, rigid mindsets, mentalities], is proof that I've been in school too long. Oh, the jargon. It is killing.

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Sigrid said...

Who knows, maybe the big WIP pile is part of staying flexible, not being too linear, keeping your options open?