Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Take 3

I have this nervous habit. OK, I have several nervous habits. But the one I'm thinking about in particular, comes about a lot when I'm procrastinating. Or thinking. Or working on a project. Or some combination thereof. I like to braid my hair.

Tiny braids. French braids. French braid pigtails. Heidi braided pigtails. I twist my fingers through the top of my hair; I weave my fingers in and out of the strands at the nape of my neck. It's an affliction, for sure, and it's been with me almost as long as I've had insomnia [since 16]. And, since recently alerting several friends to this previously secret addiction, I can't help but laugh every time my roommate walks into our dining, and there I am, braiding away.

In the middle of a bout of deadlines. And seriously, if my hair hasn't all fallen out before I get through them, I will consider it nothing short of a miracle.

Photo taken several weeks ago during my morning walk to school. Even though I was just on time out the door, I decided I would take the time to stop and capture some of the images that were brightening up my day. And even though it's kind of a crappy shot, I really don't regret stopping to do something for myself for a change. Or rather, for a hoping-this-becomes-a-new-trend-of-clearing-away-a-little-mental-space-for-myself.

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ClaireAnn said...

Oh easy to do..i clean when im procrastinating..but not proper taking everything out of something just to put it back in neatly..just pointless exercises..also the internet is also a gret way to procrastinate:)