Thursday, August 06, 2009

More Refashion-y (Grocery) Bags

I'm on a real kick, aren't I?

These were simple enough. I tried to recreate the other bags but as a tote and not with gussets [Oh heck, you know what I mean] and failed miserably at the math. You know, for someone who scored an 800 on her math GRE's, I am startlingly bad at sewing math, always lopping off a quarter of an inch here, forgetting to double that margin. Ah well. This way I am assured an endless supply of head banging to last me through decades and decades, instead of just a condensed month of intense studying and cross-eyedness.

The green used to be a pillowcase, one of the very first upcycled linens I ever purchased at a thrift shop. I used it to line one bag, and then used the ruffle on the pillowcase for a ruffle on the second bag, which is also made from a bed sheet I recently found at a hit-or-miss thrift shop in Central Square. Luckily, I have enough friends who adore pink that this was a definite winner to bring home with me.

As you can see, both are lined with the upcycled linens. Pardon the strange angle of the photo, I'm not sure why Blogger sometimes reorients my photos, and I am too lazy to try to remember what I did last time to fix it. I seem to recall lots of swearing, jimmying around with some photo editing software, and uploading 4 or 5 times.

The stashing busting marathon continues!


Zonnah said...

They are both very cute :)

Antoinette said...

Nice totes -- I really think 10 is a good number to have on hand. I have 7 shopping bags and still find myself needing one more.

Kerri said...

what great totes!! i would definatly need at least 10 for my household. :)

Callipygian said...

I just started making tote bags last week and I'm going to make many more. The upcycled linens is a good idea!