Monday, August 10, 2009

But Wait! There's More.

Although I have been assured that you can never have too many tote bags around the house, these are actually intended for friends [which, hehehe, means I now have an excuse to make even more! Because I am nowhere near 10. And I have a nice, towering stack of fabrics that are begging to be used.]

Wei Jie and I were out for coffee the other day when we lit on the great idea of making matching shirts for the two of us and our third friend Kristy. These two have been such an amazing support system for me this past year. There were weeks when our ice cream devouring monster fests were the only bright spot in the entire week. And since, when you get Wei Jie and I together, we tend to feed off each other for over-the-top ideas, matching tops in Barbie Girl Pink [Kristy's favorite color, by the way], seemed extremely, well, normal for the nice, respectable, studious and serious graduate students that we are.

I mean, I've only mentioned about 100 times my strong affinity for the matching-but-not look, right? The socks were just icing on the cake.

Made using this tutorial. Kristy's is on the right, because she is the maddest for pink. Mine is on the left, because my sewing machine sewing up these flowers, and I got really annoyed by the end. Wei Jie very kindly took the test run shirt in the middle - I would have, but she's way smaller than I am, and I unfortunately cannot fit into those XS Gap tops. Strips for the flower were made form leftovers from the bag making.

More matching-but-not. Wei Jie and I are the "twins" hence our HR-lovin' patches. And where would our fearless leader Kristy be, if not with more pink? I taught Wei Jie how to do the decorative stitch hers on [she really liked the buggy eyed tadpole. As she put it, "Those eyes just look so innocent!!!" Just like us. We look so innocent as we hover over the buckets of ice cream or stand ready to devour entire cheesecakes. Or when we plan winter excursions to first get warm grass jelly drinks, then move on to the Coldstone and/or green tea ice cream with mochi sprinkled on top, and finally to stinky tofu. In that order. All in one night. "Crazy" may not be the right word for us. "Excessive" is more like it. "Excessive," and "gluttony." <3<3.]

I think she liked it.

Just you wait. You know there will be ridiculous matchingness photos to come. I know I am giddy with anticipation.

Happy birthday Kristy!!!


Zonnah said...

lol, I can't wait to see the pictures.

Antoinette said...

Matchy outfit photos rule. Rad.