Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lo - FO sighting!

So. There's been a bit of a stashbusting theme to this summer's crafting. Possibly because a Masters program feels impermanent, and I have this irrational fear that letting the fabric spill out into more than one shelf on the bookshelf is somehow too much. You know, because I will have to pack it all up and ship it off to wherever I myself ship off to next. Never mind that I keep bringing fabric back with me every time I go home. Or that itchy fingers online shopping ...

Right. Also, I would like to point out that it has been 100+ days since I finished my last skirt. If I say so myself, that's a tad bit unreasonable for a girl who tries to wear a skirt every single day if she can help it, though admittedly all the fantabulous dresses out there are starting to get under my skin.

Combine the two, add in a hefty dose of perversion [a.k.a. Typical Jessica-ness], and what do you get?

One of those projects with an extremely low Fabric Used :: Effort Involved ratio. Hello Genius, we should be looking for high impact here. But I have always been one moved by impulse, so, as my former boss would say, "It is what it is," with a shrug of the shoulder and a knowing glance between friends. Also, can I just say? That is one Bright Skirt. Those 5 words run through my head every time I look at this skirt.

Still trying to get some decent photos of the inside detailings, will post specs on the skirt when I get those taken. Not 5 minutes after I finished photographing this [apartment garbage cans just out of sight to my left!], the sky came down and brought with it a bunch of the humidity that has been lingering in the air for, oh, I don't know, the last 3 weeks or so.

Question: Now that I see these photos, I'm tempted to move those 3 buttons at the waistband to one side, near the zipper. Thoughts?

Oh, but I do love this skirt. A ridiculous amount. The brightness is so cheerful, I love the fabric combination so much, and I can never get enough patchwork. Plus, there are all these cute short, pleated/gathered skirts out, and I now have my own take on that look that has just the right amount of the Jessica Touch :-).

Finally, the Good and the Bad.

The Bad: All the while sewing this up today, I was so. sick. of. skirts. that I didn't want to sew up another one for another 100 days. That is bad for the 1) continued stashbusting efforts, 2) skirt that I currently have cut out, plus the one I have half cut out, 3) two skirts I have mentally planned for after that, one of which is yet another patchwork skirt, 4) the dress refashion that I am 2/3 done with. Also, school starts in a week and a half, and we know that will cut down on the crafting time considerably.

The Good: After I put the finished skirt on, most of those negative vibes disappeared. I'm thinking a weekend in Maine will dissolve the rest of the dissatisfaction.

Back soon!


Zonnah said...

Have fun in Maine! The buttons would look cute to the side as well. And I think the skirt is super cute :)

Antoinette said...

Buttons would be fine on the side but they also look great where they are. I'm a fan of stashbusting and am working really hard to not let go of that commitment myself! But if your heart is saying no to skirts, don't do it. Or find a new style/ pattern to keep things fresh. I'd hate to see you get burned out on sewing. Have a great trip!

Stephanie N. said...

The skirt is so fun! I like the way the colors work together. I like the buttons where they are.

Handmade Librarian said...

Wow, Jessica, this is am ambitious amount of piecing and it looks just great! I've never been brave at combining prints for my clothes and this skirt inspires me to rethink that reticence. Thanks--have fun in Maine!

Rita said...

i love it! and it's not so ridiculous to love it so so much!