Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Squeaking in under the deadline

Whew. I managed to knock one of these off my list, just before April draws to a close! And bonus, it qualifies me in time for Tie One On as well. *Logs in to Gmail to send in photo.*

Apron for H.H. so she can sort of match the Crazy Twin when we bake together. I've actually had these fabrics sitting in a stack together since ... mmm ... Fall 2006? I just never got around to actually making them into something [originally intended to be a bag, methinks, with those selfsame vertical stripes but shaped a bit more like this], but since H.H. absolutely, absolutely adores pink it seemed like high time to get off my arse and use them up.

Backed in that large scale rose print, which was one of my first thrifted fabric finds. The green used to be a pillow case, the rest are stash fabrics from Joann's. So now I just need to make an apron for myself and we three will be all set for baking. Actually Crazy Trio aside, I really need to make one for myself since I am awfully prone to splashing soap-y water all over myself when washing dishes, and in general when baking and cooking. My kitchen always ends up a mess after I'm through with it.

But then, given that, I think I should make a full body apron.

As I've been meaning to do for 3+ years now. I want something that evokes this lady's wonderful aesthetic. I have a couple more thrifted/repurposed fabrics in mind. But naturally, they're at home and I'm not. This is why it takes years, if not decades, for crafty stuff to get done around here.

I did go and finish one more thing this April, but it's still en route to my swap buddy so I won't post about it just yet. Two finishes! And maybe, just maybe I can squeak in a third tonight?

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