Monday, April 27, 2009


It's been nice the past couple weeks. And I don't just mean the weather. I mean visiting DC two weekends ago- ah, now I get why people recommend regularly seeing friends who are not in school! - and last weekend, out to see Crazy Twin's choir performance and then chilling in Harvard Square afterwards, the nighttime air that perfect temperature of coolness all around us. H.H.: "Wow, I don't think I've ever seen Evil so crazy before ..." to which I replied, "That's because you haven't really seen the real 'me' before, the person I used to be before I came here."

And then Crazy looked at me and said, "Hm, to have kept it in for so long ..." And I wanted to laugh and hug them for understanding.

Yesterday I was totally stressed out about our impromptu picnic in lieu of the usual cookout, kept thinking about everything I was supposed to be doing and how none of it was getting done. These perfectionistic tendencies, I've never been so conscious until now how much they rule my life, despite all my efforts to stamp them out. Acceptance. They're there. Recognize it, but get over it - there's no point in laying blame anywhere. So I scraped together a bare minimum and then hopped on over to meet the gang for a picnic in the park which was, as Toki put it, the most relaxing day of his US life. Or in my case, substitute "Boston" for "US" and you've pretty much got it pat down.

Thank goodness for goofiness. I'll spare you the photographic proof, though.

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