Friday, March 06, 2009

More distractions from purple [sorry Kat!]

Inspiration is a funny creature. She creeps up on you at the strangest times, like when you're at the sink washing what feels like the upteemth load of dishes [because, oh right, you have exactly four spoons and two mugs that you use for everything, and I mean everything], or when you're trying desperately to fall asleep and there she is, dancing in front of you beckoningly, toying with the idea of merging two of your favorite crafts into one being, and its one of those moments where you are just slightly lazy enough that you don't get up and flip on the lamp and jot down the idea, so instead you just fixate and fixate and hope this fixation somehow burns a hole in your memory for tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off.

Somehow, I'm pretty sure all this fixation business conspires to keep you up even longer than if you had just flipped on the darn light.

Moving on. Remember these? It took me a long time to figure out what they would become. I played with scraps forever, put aside plans A and B for the granny squares, cast on for a long stripey scarf, frogged that, lost the brown yarn for a good 2 weeks, found it again, and then, BAM! And such is the story of the winsome, beckoning creature mentioned above.


This is for Kristy, a dear friend I've made here. She's the type of friend who is completely and totally understanding when you've very stupidly caught the wrong bus to meet her for hot grass jelly on a Saturday night [the same hot grass jelly drink she's been telling you about, by the way, for the past 3 months], and not only that but is totally sympathetic and understanding when this is the last straw in a very long day of straws and doesn't mind that you're going to duck out on meeting up for the night, AND THEN listens to you whine about your bad day, AND THEN waits 2 more hours for your third friend to show up, AND THEN (!!!) secretly leaves white chocolate covered pecans at your doorstep Monday morning with the sweetest, most encouraging note.

Monday morning!!! Holy cow, the girl is amazing. One of those people you grab in the middle of the hallway in school and hug for dear life because she is so amazing. One of those people you must make something for Right. Now. because they are so amazing.

Or, as "right now" exists in my world, over the space of about a week. Ahem.

I am so totally in love with this fabric, I think I need to go and order the rest that Fabricworm has in stock. I also really love the color combination in the granny squares, the raspberry is this shiny silky Debbie Bliss I picked up at the LYS awhile back. And Kristy loves pink, so I can throw a lot of "love"s into one bag for her.

The bag is just barely large enough to fit a notebook, which initially bothered me because this was supposed to be a "studying for qualifying exams" bag but now that I think about it, maybe she won't want to think back on her QE's so instead, it's just going to be a Friendship Bag. A Just Because Bag.

Just because you absolutely and totally make my day, Kristy.

[go Bears!]

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