Saturday, February 14, 2009


It got there! Yeay! I didn't want to spoil the surprise for Kerri so I haven't posted pictures of the final swap product, but here it is:

She said her living room colors are red, brown and teal, and requested a knit forest animal [but luckily crochet was OK because my knitting increases/decreases are decidedly more dodgy than my crocheted ones!]. So I poked around online for a bit to find a suitably cute pattern, and here he is! I was a little nervous crocheting a stuffie for a swap since I've never done it before, but I think it came out OK.

Edited 3/6/09: I've gotten a couple requests for the pattern. You can find it here. My apologies if you've been waiting on the link!

And then I made my first ever doll quilt to accompany him on his trip over America [I know, right? Why am I so decidedly unadventurous when it comes to crafting?]

These fabrics might look familiar from my swap with Rita [sorry, I have no photos of the stuff I made for her, this was the era of camera-lost-ness, but she does!]. A mix of new, vintage and upcycled fabrics. I never realized how fun doll quilts are. I'm going to have to make more of these in the future.

And finally, because I have been staring at this since December and I need to vamanos on this before it gets too warm to wear [ha! in Boston? That'll be, what, April? Ah, but I shouldn't jinx myself.]


Kerri said...

the monkey is such a cute little guy! you really did such a wonderful job on him. i'd never know that you hadn't made of ton of little animals.

i also love, love, love the little quilt. :) i peeked on over at your wall hanging you did, and i might have to follow suit since that is just too cute too. :)

Rita said...

Soooooo cute! You're so talented, Jessica!! Love the crochet monkey and the doll quilt is a perfect match!
I posted a pic of your super cute mushroom wallhanging here that I love love love!:
And I spy some really cute fabric covered buttons!! can't wait to see what it is for!

amandajean said...

the monkey and the quilt are so stinkin' cute!!! do you have a link to the monkey pattern that you used?

J said...

Where did you get the monkey pattern? He is adorable - fantastic!!