Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today was a gross day, the grossest that I can dig out of the on-the-spot memory reservoir. I should have known better when the weather report said "wintry mix," with umbrella and snowflakes, just what that would mean. That it would mean passing cars who spray pedestrians standing on the far ledge of the sidewalk. Gross that means each time you plunge your winter boots into the murky brown pile of slush on water you have no way of knowing how deep your foot will sink until its too late [for reference, my boots are nearly a foot tall]. Gross, as in not even having the silver lining of a beautiful world blanketed in snow for a couple hours before the realities of life turn it brown, but having it turned brown and wet and everywhere RIGHT. NOW.

And as gross as today was, tomorrow will be just as dangerous as all that water solidifies into ice. There's this patch at the crossroads between park and road right across from my apartment - my desk looks out on it - that's already full of ice. Several mornings ago, in one half hour span I saw two people go down on it. Tomorrow, tomorrow I am expecting the entire city to mimic that one patch, unless city services are somehow more efficient overnight at clearing away all the water than they were today at unplugging the blocked drainage holes that caused my jeans to get so wet in the first place.

But despite that mess it hasn't been a bad day. Gross, that's all. I finally paid a visit to one of the best loyal yarn shops I've seen [not that I've seen many at all! Just the one in the Castro, and maybe the one in Berkeley long, long ago] to pick up some yarn for my swap partner. I fondled endless balls of soft, soft yarn, painted the prettiest heart-grabbing colors, but if you know me at all you'll know how utterly indecisive I am. I've been debating making this hat for ages now [less slouchy, of course, I don't think I can pull off much slouch], despite fearing I will look 'so last season' by the time I actually get around to making/wearing it, and ever since my e. twin showed up in this I've been super mad about making that hat in the exact shade that her scarf is, which I actually think I found today [to be exact, I've been super mad about that exact shade of scarf PLUS that exact shade of hat; I'm more than a fellow e. twin, I'm a copycat to boot.]

But indecision. It's OK. I know myself. I will find a way to only have time for another trek out to the Beautiful Yarn Shop on a Gross Day Like Today because I've finally become so obsessed with That Yarn and That Hat that I can't sleep at night.

To end on an unambiguously cheerful note [although hey, I'm perfectly fine ending on a Lets Make Fun of Jessica Note, it's well-warranted, after all], Chinese New Years!!!

Doing what we do best, gathering around to eat. Oh, the glories of food. I'm there every time.

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Rita said...

Happy Chinese New Years!!! hope you had lots of yummy food to eat!
OMG I know what you mean about yarn stores! I don't know how many times I go in and just fondle balls of soft yummy yarns but come out empty handed cuz I know that if I don't go in with a project in mind, I'll buy out the store! Glad to hear that you found a nice yarn store near you! And I hope for better weather for you!!