Saturday, November 29, 2008


Apparently I have a new favorite word. Super. I say "apparently" because I've been using this word all weekend long in a completely unintentional way. As in:

"I'm super excited to be home!"
"I'm super excited to get to eat [fill in the blank: California's great produce, Chinese food, mom's little tidbits and goodies that she has stashed in our house ...]
"I'm super happy to see my evil twin!"

You get the idea. E. twin and I were joking that we should start a new slang term trend - super - of course, of course that would catch on super quickly and all. It's like the time I came home spewing "duuuuuuuuuuude" all over the place, after that 2 week trip to China the summer before seventh grade.

So anyways. That was just a really long way of saying I'm super sorry to be so incredibly belated in wishing people a happy Thanksgiving! Little internet access at home, plus no pictures to post with and we all know that photos make the blog, 90% through anyhow.

We did our usual extended-family-converges-to-one-loud-and-noisy-potluck-gathering, as is always the case for Thanksgiving and Christmas these days, switching off between houses for the holidays. Mom and I thought we'd experiment with a new recipe [and for mom, experiment with looking recipes up online] - and we came up with this bell pepper salad. Very tasty. And did you know there are several types of sesame oil? We had no idea. Apparently the Asian stuff is super, super concentrated. Note the doubling up on the super's for full effect. One whiff and you'd know what I'm talking about.

Also got to see some lovely people this weekend, my e. twin and Alex. Poor Alex, I made him and mom play speed Scrabble with me. What a great game for flexible thinking. Also for bullying Alex into letting me get flexible with the English language and slip in all sorts of words, like "fogey" [as in "old fogey," pictured above] and "auror" [as in Harry Potter's onetime dream job]. And e. twinning - well, that needs a separate post of it's own.

And of course, eleventh hour crafting right before I was set to leave. I could've gotten an early jump on schoolwork, but no, this one's been a SUPER long time coming and I really, really needed to get a start on it. So I did. When I should have been packing.

Had such a great weekend! [oh good, maybe the super is starting to wear off]. Hope yours was as filled with laughter and love and shimmering, shining moments of happiness!

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