Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting into the groove ...

Well hello! Perhaps I can finally get into a better posting groove here, instead of a motley once or twice a month. I ain't promisin' nothin' but we'll give it a whack and see how we proceed.

Anyways, I just wanted to show off the most beautiful scarf that my lovely, lovely friend Neha sent as a belated birthday present:

With a beauty like this, who needs to fear New England fall/winter or turning 25? Not I!

And on a completely separate note ... I really, really want to find an old button-down in a thrift shop somewhere to tinker with the neckline and re-fit to my body so that it looks something like this:

Isn't that great? I think it would look beautiful as a tunic top [mmm, flannel ... except I think those delicate gathers might not be so delicate in flannel. Hm.], a flow-y button down, or even a regular button-down. I didn't get above top because it was 1) over $40 I think and I really can't justify a thin silky office-type blouse for a student as we're heading into COLD season, 2) frankly, most button downs don't work on me because they gape in a very inconvenient place and this one was no exception. But it's got me dreaming refashioning dreams daily now, sneaking into my daydreams when I should be thinking about more 'serious' matters like, I dunno, my Epi homework and such.

But anyways! After finals are over I shall hie me over to a neighborhood thrift shop to check out the offerings ... soon, very soon I hope to have more crafting goodness to share ...

Happy fall to all!

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Julia said...

beautiful scarf!