Friday, October 03, 2008

Bits and Blobs

Today the security guard stopped me and asked me about my shoes. I admit that I really, really love these shoes [they are SO me] but that I also haven't been quite sure how to wear them, so they've been sitting in the closet until now, sadly neglected. I mean, high tops? I've never done high tops before. Do you slouch them down like all the cool kids? Wear 'em straight up, and with what?

I mean come on! How could you not love these! I told the security guard that if he got them ['Are those girls shoes? Cuz I'd totally get them in size 13, I don't care!'] that he should tell me so that we could be all matching and such.

Slowly settling in here, finally got myself a sewing machine and I love it! But I'll take a break from our regularly scheduled skirt programming [because yes, I did go and make myself yet another one] to show some other WIPs:

Happy Fall to you! It's blustering and developing a nice chill in the air, and every day I walk out more and more trees are changing color! I love it!

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