Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My third skirt of the summer, with mixed results

Well, let me say first and foremost that this skirt is 98% inspiration from this amazing skirt, and 2% Jessica's addled brain trying to make a go at recreating that loveliness. Made from a linen blend, this is just a simple tube [edged with a simple strip] and elastic at the waist.

What I love:
-the colors, man!
-the stripes, woman!
-that all seams are neatly finished with either 1) French seams, 2) single-fold bias tape at the waist for the elastic casing, 3) the bottom strip is backed in the same fabric so I attached as you would a binding

What I'm not so keen on:
-mainly, the length. As much as I am not a looks-good-in-skirts-3"-past-the-knee, I really think this is one of those skirts that should be at least 2" past the knee, if not 3. I try and compensate by wearing it low on my hips, but really there's only so low that you can go.
-to be honest, I'm not super thrilled with the way this fabric washes up. And despite my efforts to "shock" the fabric by washing it 3 x's so it won't shrink too much more, it still shrunk quite a bit when I washed it the other day.

I'm thinking I won't have time to make another skirt before I leave [which is too bad because I have another 2 solidly floating around my head], but I've already decided to try to get a small/used sewing machine in Boston so perhaps there will be more to come in the relatively-near future =).

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