Thursday, August 21, 2008

In anticipation of fall weather

So awhile ago when I was at SCRAP with Lisa, we came across a stack of knits. Striped knits! Who can resist that? Not even me, terrified as I was of sewing with knits. I mean, they stretch and get all funny and don't you need special equipment or something?

But never fear. We each scooped up a stack with thoughts of faux socks like these and maybe, just maybe some hand warmers like these [my idea, anyways, Lisa wasn't much into the idea of scrunched wrist warmers because they would obscure the stripes].

So I went home and made me some hand warmers, as lovingly modeled by Alex:

I left a hole for the thumbs, and they scrunch up relatively nicely, but honestly they are a bit loose on top so I'm afraid they'll fall off easily and be generally impractical to wear. Also, as cold as my hands get in fall/winter, I might need something slightly heavier than this. Oh well, it was fun and sewing with knits is not nearly as difficult as I feared! Plus it's always nice to know that you can make your own accessories, and each item I've sewn has been a great learning experience.

Haha, he just found it amusing. So do I, dear, so do I. It's all about putting your money where your mouth is and following through on the values you claim you hold. Like reduce, reuse, recycle [no rot here! I don't think.] It makes me happy, it does ...

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alex said...

heehee, amusing. heehee.