Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wonkiness, thy middle name is Jessica

Because I already have a middle name and that's Living D [cousin to Tenacious D, I'm told] so there was nothing left but to offer up my name as nickname to Wonkiness, which generally describes much of my sewing adventurings.

While on the farm Lorna, my kind host, suggested I do some sewing to pass the afternoons while she and Carl were at work, and it was just me and 250 acres of quiet solitude. Inspired by the potholders she had hanging in her kitchen then, and all with fabrics from her stash:

And as Kris pointed out, you can stick your hand in the pocket! It's ready-made for use as a mit! Lorna and I, longtime sewers that we are, neither one of us spotted that.

This picture doesn't do the wonkiness justice. It is wonkines personified. After all, trying to sew strips of fabric together which were not measured before they were cut, and then were sewed without a single pin to keep them in place, on an old machine going through layers and layers of shifting fabric ... which I somehow thought would be improved by quilting the whole thing together ...

Nope. But wonkiness it is, and inspired I call this idea. A handy way to recycle old clothing, I say!

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