Friday, May 16, 2008

A long time coming

It's done! That mysterious project I hinted at in my last post ...

I've had this bag floating around my mind for awhile, and finally I decided to get up and do something about it. The time to live life is now! Haha, how melodramatic. But anyways, no point in putting off until tomorrow the things you really would like to make, just like there's no point in hoarding really pretty or adorable fabric, just to sit on your shelves and not in use in your everyday life. Because you know, other cute and adorable fabric is going to come along and usurp today's fancy anyhow.

Vintage corduroy and scraps. When I first picked out my little pile of striped and plaids, Lisa was sure I had a project for Alex in mind. Um ... no? Making myself my first bag in over a year? I know, so selfish of me. [Hey, wait til he sees his quilt, banish all such thoughts!] You might recognize the fabric combination from here. This way, my doppelganger and I can match without really matching, fun-ness.

It pretty much turned out how I'd planned it, though I think I'd intended the straps to be a little wider. Yeah, and if I'd been planning correctly I would've turned some of the dots the other direction so you can see the full color range in the fabric, oops. I think I'd originally wanted to use the very masculine stripes and plaids in a very delicate, feminine way. The goldfish weren't originally intended, I think I was planning on making use of my last two crab buttons but I love the goldfish fabric so much that I'll just have to find another project for those adorable crabs.

More goldfish!

I also didn't intend to finish it off with a binding but it's my first time using a thick corduroy AND this really thick duck cloth, and I really didn't think there was any other way I was going to be able to finish the bag. If I had to do it over again I might use the dark blue plaid for binding instead, but overall I really really love this bag and have been using it everywhere.

So happy I took the time to attend to the little details. Really does make a difference.

All right, off to the celebrated Skirt Day at work!

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