Saturday, April 19, 2008

Late, Late, Late

Hm ... I wonder what these are ...

Ooooooh ...

A scarf! A scarf I am so late on, sigh.

Late: Late to the idea of patchwork scarves. So very late. Like 2 years late.
Late: Late getting to some of these fabrics, especially the Lightning Bugs but also Denise Schmidt.
Late: Late making this present for Lisa, whose birthday passed a month ago! Sigh.

Long skinny scarf, it measures 5" by however long it takes to twist the scarf once around your neck and still have the ends fall to your waist. Well, a 5'2" waist. Mixture of new, stash and vintage fabrics. Double-sided patchwork.

And then of course, as the night wore on [to 10PM] we started getting goofy ...

Presenting Mono!!! Here I am modeling the long stripy scarf Lisa knitted me for Christmas. I love this scarf! It's even longer and even thinner than the one I made her. So much fun to wear in SF where you pretty much need something like this all year long.

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