Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dare we hope for ... two craft-related posts in a row, in a single week???

Oh yes. It has been a sewing frenzy around here, let me tell you. I even made up two pillows for my mom that were promised to her ... 4? ... months ago. I'm telling you, once I figured out where I'd be next year and it slowly sunk in that I probably wouldn't have time to sew, well, that pretty much opened up the floodgates.

Since, in all likelihood, I will be in Boston for the next 2 years, I wanted to give my boyfriend something, well, concrete to keep at his apartment to remind him of me. I know we're not the same person but I know that for ME it is helpful to have concrete reminders of people, things that I can touch, hold, look at, smell [though higly evocative, sadly, also more ephemeral]. So I thought I'd make him a quilt.

And he did request random.

Unlike my previous attempt at random [which my mom is busy quilting up], this one is a little bit more spontaneous. On good days I like to believe I am about 1/6 of the way there. Hm, better get back to sewing.

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