Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tree Project: through day 3

Yikes, I think these collages get worse as I go along ...

Days 1-3. I can honestly say that while, yes, Stephanie and Mav over at 3191 have shown that juxtaposition can be beautiful, the coincidences and unplanned similarities or contrasts can be quite startling and have an almost magical quality to them, for me anyways, these collages have a bit of a 'forced' feeling to them, as though the way I am putting them together does not really generate much in the way of mood. Probably I am forcing the issue too much by insisting that the photos of each day be paired up.

At any rate, what was interesting was to note that Alex seems to like take primarily vertical shots of trees, and I, horizontal. I'd never really thought about that before. Probably because I am always unconsciously choosing to frame my shots on the horizontal, and I find it hard to fill in the horizontal space with vertical movement, if that makes sense. Whereas Alex takes his shots with a vertical frame, but he's much better about capturing horizontal movement. Or whatever you want to call it, I'm certainly not technical when it comes to photography terminology.

This was my alternate shot for today. I really love the colors but I think I could have framed it a little more carefully. Well you know, I was on an abbreviated lunch break and all.

When I'm doing these projects I have this tendency to snap off a couple quick shots of a bunch of different subjects that catch my fancy, so I've been focusing on really working a shot, taking 5, 10, 12 shots of the same object, but from different angles, perspectives, close-ups vs. overviews, etc. And it produces some interesting perspectives, so I think its a good thing that I stick around a little bit longer. Often the shot you thought you wanted doesn't turn out to be the one you like best in the end.

And what's funny is that Alex and I are often thinking similarly. Like the day he took the photo of the Christmas tree, I'd just paused by the Christmas tree lot on the way to work and was thinking about the best way to frame that shot. And when I saw the bugenvilla [yeah, I know that's not how you spell it] in his shot from today, it was eerie because I'd already planned to take a photo of a bugenvilla arch tomorrow [yeah yeah, more horizontal lines, I know, I'm in my rut, what can you say?]

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alex said...

Me thinks we thinks alike because we are alike... me thinks.