Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tree Project, Day 4: Kinda Like Quilting

Finally I got some vertical motion going.

I was totally heading for the arch that I saw, but got waylaid by other beauties in the process. Life is what happens when you're making plans, eh?

Alex informs me he is on a secret campaign to include all the buildings around his lab in his photos, so here's Tolman and a beautiful maple:

Gosh there are some gorgeous Japanese maples around campus. They are just blushing red right about now - its amazing. Almost like stumbling upon a ripening strawberry field or something. Makes me think of a perfect Pink Lady apple, just that shade of red.

Of course, it also unnerves me that we seem to be about a month behind in terms of foliage and weather and where we 'normally' are for this time of year. I saw 'normally' because I don't think the weather has been consistent, year to year, since I was in high school.

Kinda like patchwork, a little bit, almost, except I don't know how well it works here. I might have to go and give it another shot.

I guess that's the fun of patchworking in Paint instead of with fabric. If you decide you don't like the results, you can just start all over again. Unlike cutting fabric ... oh, the stories to tell on that front ...

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