Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The camera memory stick uploader thing is in SF, so here's a photo from the boyfriend instead ...

Winter Photos, Alex

Slowly sifting through my impressions and memories of 2007. All in all, it has been a most incredible year. What will 2008 bring, and where am I headed? More importantly, wher edo I want to go? I know I want to change my 500 Mile Goal to a Exercise 4 Times A Week Goal, but beyond that, there's still time for mulling I guess.
And since my year hasn't fully come to a close yet [that's the Zodiac, folks], perhaps a little bit of the charmed life will wear on until the lunar new year hits.

Times with family, brief sightings with friends [and one unfortunate, awkward and stuffy 5+1 high school reunion], lots of rest for a body that was in need of some [why is this always the case whenever I am home?], the most beautiful thoughtful gifts from a special somebody, and food glorious food. My ribs are still sore and my right shoulder hurts whenever I laugh [which was quite a bit during our extended family white elephant/gift exchange and everybody kept stealing from our 7 year old cousin, or today watching my aunts and uncles take their turns at learning to play Wii Tennis], but right now who needs philosophy and all that? I can be introspective and reflective later.
For now, I'm enjoying my evening at home with my parents. Muah, and muah. Love you mommy and daddy.

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