Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goodness, how time flies

There really isn't much time for much posting on any of my blogs anymore, which is sad but change might be afoot, who knows. And no pictures because the camera is still broken ... I've been meaning to look into getting a new one, but again, no time.

So we'll leave you with one of the coworkers about 3 months ago. My hair has since grown out and been chopped off, and we're not all here at work anymore, but still, this is one of my favorite photos from a fun day off of work, good times with people I love.

About to scurry off to Sacramento for 4 days. Maybe I'll pop into Green Apple Books to check out their warehouse clearance [instead of looking for fancy shoes like I should be, because I am a bit of a bum and would rather not get dolled up if I don't have to do so. Sloppy blue-grey cargo pants, blue tank top and white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, beautiful peach scarf knitted from my best friend, and dangly peach China earrings, blue striped socks and white polka dot flats? Now THAT'S my style. That's also what I'm wearing today. Love it.] I love shopping local; I love San Francisco institutions. But maybe I'll save the love for another day. I need a little peace and quiet in my life right now, and as much as I love books, crowding the brain with thoughts of even more books to buy just might not be the right way to go for the Jessica of This Very Moment.
So maybe I'll just head home and do some laundry. Dude, I have no pants left and Sacramento is supposed to be 'business casual.' And while I'd love to whip out a skirt and white button down [um, can we tell that's one of my favorite items of clothing?], well, there are no clean white button downs left. So laundry time it is.
I made coasters for Alex and a watermelon bag for D and am working on a quilt top of my own design, no photos for now, maybe I'll snap a couple later. I've got my youth all into sewing now ... and my program assistant as well ... take away their DS's for a couple days and get them hooked on crafting instead, that is the master plan for Sacramento.
Spreading the craftingness, one person at a time ...

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alex said...

and what lovely and cute coasters they are :0)