Friday, July 06, 2007

Food and Flowers!

Finally, a camera!

OK, well, Kathleen's camera, but still.

We started out fooding, then took a little break to saunter through the Rose Gardens in GGP and wait for Yi.

Mmm ... we like cooking together. We were experimenting with casseroles. Cabbage in casserole, eh? Well, I've tried an Asianified casserole with Chinese rice/bean mixture, eggplant dipped in soy sauce/vinegar/Chinese parsley, tofu and assorted Chinese sauces. It was ... interesting. The lychees were for dessert. I love that they're coming into season now.

Oh Rose Gardens. How many photos have we taken in you? These, not so many. The ones in Berkeley, gloriously beautiful, many many more. Like how my bag [kindof] matches the rose? Yeay.

Isn't that a gigantic flower next to Kat's head? Hehe, we had fun with that. But my best friend loves peach so pictures with peach flowers must be had.

All in all, a good way to end a very relaxing day off of work. Thank goodness for flex time.

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