Saturday, February 17, 2007

I seem to be missing a couple days

But I guess that happens sometimes in life. Its been kinda a rough week. I think, if anything, this validates what I've been saying all along, that I really shouldn't drive in to work, certainly not 3 days in a row. On the bright side, I did manage to find parking most days that didn't require parallel parking. Its really bad when I drive, because I quasi-zone out most of the time.

The other night I realized, again, just how much I miss having Chinese in my life. Sure I use it at work sometimes, and I love it when I do, but ... I don't know, I miss having more, I guess. One of those themes that is inextricably intertwined into my life, I suppose. So I busted out the C-pop collection from the college days [a year in China did little to update that, sadly but slightly predictably] and started in on my Chinese history cartoons.

45: Suddenly Pink. Where have all the cherry blossoms sprung from? They are so beautiful. This coloring is awfully wonky, but anyways, beautiful blossom from around the apartment that have suddenly burst forth to greet us, each and every morning.

46: Walk With Me. Snapped from the Civic Center area. I love it when people are out and about in the city, walking around. One of the things I hate about suburbia, to be honest - that people don't walk as much, that you can't walk as much, all those little CO2's and NO2's and SO2's [um ... or SOx and NOx?] spewing into the atmosphere. I love that people might choose to walk, even if they need something to help them along their way.

47: The Way It Hangs. This is our wall-of-cards from Xmas time, still up, probably to remain up until we move out of here. That card on the left is the latest addition. Daddy, you are too cute.

This one's for the coworkers. Happy birthday C-H!

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