Tuesday, February 20, 2007

48-50: new perspectives, a new year, a new pad

48: A Fresh Perspective. And there I was, biking along at sunset and sadly bemoaning the fact that yet another day had passed where I had failed to take a single picture, the light was fading quickly, and just how often can you fail in an annual challenge?

Then I looked down. Loved the way my skirt matched my bike. How my black shoes reflected back into the black handlebars. A white button-down shirt is one of my favorite clothing items of all time. A series, a long series of photographs, ensued. I have deleted many so as not to bore you. Needless to say, I must apologize for the fuzziness; apparently these are not easy angles to photograph at, especially in fading light.

Really, I will try to bike in just about anything. Although I've discovered that much as I'd like will power to be the be-all-end-all when it comes to this, there are just some items of clothing that I can't bike in. Bohemian skirts, generally, too much fabric if they get past a certain length. Long skirts with no slits in them. I suppose I should mention I generally don't fare well in anything that ends above the knee - never quite sure what to do with myself [and at 5'2" finding skirts too SHORT is generally not my problem anyways]. But oh well. I am generally successful in the transportation endeavors, and extremely happy for it.

49: Happy New Year!
Gosh I miss lotus root. And yes, we had the customary fish. Steamed fish. Cantonese style. There's no beating that.

50: A New Place to Call Home. That's right, I moved! I'm renting out a room in the Sunset. Gosh what a great location. Just perfect for me, after what I learned to love and learned about myself in China. The room itself is a converted dining room, complete with fireplace and all - typical San Francisco, I think, and exquisitely quirky and one-of-a-kind. Small but cozy, I've already got myself a little perch from which to watch life ramble by on the streets below.

That little lamp, absolutely thrifty, from an estate sale that I spied on the way to a garage sale in my weekend of trolling up and down the peninsula in search of pieces to furnish my little room. I have to admit that there really hasn't been a February challenge [other than putting myself on a crafting budget], but I am keeping in the spirit of January and attempting, as much as possible, to furnish everything second-hand. I know some of my friends want to move away from the slapdash, mismatched look of a college apartment, but seeing as I never had the privelage of such an apartment, I'm perfectly happy to go with that for the time being. So is my wallet, and so is the environment.

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