Sunday, February 11, 2007

40, 41

40: For M. Sighs with contentment. Making things that turn out *about* how I wanted them to never ceases to make me happy, if just for a little bit. The bag is probably a little too floppy for its own good, but I'm not really into the interfacing I've got on hand at the moment, and there just wasn't quite the time to go out and get some more.

41: Vestiges of the Storm. Hm. Do we think that People would not like RandomGirl treading ever-so-slightly into their front yards to snap pictures she sees while out on a walk/run? Sorry People, I only mean it as a compliment to the little pieces of beauty that exist within the parameters of your abode. But yes, I will be more respectful in the future. My apologies.

This one I only tread as far as the apartment grounds. We've been quasi-droughting it so far ... will February be a month of nonstop rainfall as it was last year, or is this merely a teaser, to whet the appetite rather than quench the thirst?

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