Friday, February 09, 2007

38, 39: Small Moments with Friends

38: Along For The Ride. I kinda loved this street performer taking advantage of hour half-hour-long fire drill where 12 floors worth of workers are milling about the sidewalk, to perform his stuff and rustle up a little business. Life is really great like that sometimes. Ran into an oooooooold friend, very randomly, during the fire drill, as well as a girl I worked briefly with several years ago and have since run into in the oddest places.

39: Round Things. Breakfast with A. She very kindly let me crash with her last night. SEriously, I don't know where I"d be without the dear generous friends and coworkers who offer me lifts and let me crash. <3<3^10000000,>

Haven't been creating much of late. Haven't had the time. But the boss' birthday is coming up and I've got a tote in the WIP pile with work colors in it, which just so happen to be her favorite colors. She's having a dinner tomorrow night [I've taken the day off] and they're probably off to a bar afterwards ... we'll see if I make it up into the city. I do have to work weekends until Gala; I may relish a day to myself. My boss is sooperdooper and my coworkers are fantastic people ... but sometimes you need to take care of yourself. We'll see.

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