Wednesday, February 07, 2007

36, 37

36: Girl in the Television. Some days I dress ridiculously cute. Cute like a school girl cute. High school. This is quite a spring welcoming ensemble, very pastel and feminine. Yes, I repeat, I am quite the narcissist at times. We're breaking in the coworkers to the skirt collection. See those bunny ears on the TV? Them's on loan from the uncle. Love those. Love that we're so 20th Century in this household. You'd think that after the great dearth of American TV in China, I would be all over television programming here. But eh.

37: Breakfast With Daddy. Banana bread baked over the weekend. Dude, I slept really poorly last night, and then this morning I was up super early and unhappy about that, so off I went rushing into my parent's room hoping that my dad would be at his morning exercises already so that we could do them together. Instead it was a very nice bonding moment of LifeDiscussions, hence running late for breakfast hence the banana bread instead of our usual cereal. I am so glad I've got my little enzyme back, banana bread is so much nicer with milk.

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